This project all started with a basic love for ice cream and Instagram. I don’t remember the exact moment I fell in love with ice cream, but I can tell you that some of my favorite memories with my favorite people usually involve a casual bowl or cone of ice cream. So what’s the big deal with it? Ice cream, to me, is comfort. It’s like a good friend who lets me vent about my day, cry when my heart is aching, and celebrate life in general. More recently, Instagram seems to have gotten to know me fairly well. How do I know this? They keep showing me ads for ice cream! As my family-in-law likes to say, “They know the me of me!” I would then send screenshots of said ice cream ads to my sweet husband, who would find a way to surprise me with these delicious pints of goodness. From there, I’ve been hooked on trying brands and flavors that I never knew existed. These reviews serve as documentation of my personal uncharted (and sometimes charted) ice cream territory.